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BioHygiene All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner 5L

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BioHygiene All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner 5L can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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BioHygiene All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner: A highly concentrated biotechnology based all purpose cleaning product offering superior cleaning in addition to odour control using renewable and sustainable ingredients. This is a highly effective grease and scale remover, as well as making floors less slippery and hazardous. It also removes odours at the source via biotechnology.

Directions & Dilutions

Dilution for 750ml spray bottle: 1:200 water or 1 x 4ml pumps.

Dulition for 5L bucket: 1:200 water or 1 x 30ml pumps

Do not rinse after use as invisible biofilms offer residual protection.

Features & Benefits

*100% Biodegradable in addition to a reduced carbon footprint

*Safe for use on all surfaces

*Biofilms offer residual protection