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Clear Compactor Sacks (100 per box)

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Clear Compactor Sacks (100 per box) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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The 200 gauge clear compactor sacks measure 22 x 33 x 47 inches. Made from a resilient yet durable plastic and also designed to withstand up to 20kg of weight, these high quality, unbeatable strength sacks are perfect for waste that needs to be visible. This is an ideal compactor for medium / heavy duty waste generated in shopping malls, warehouses and facilities management environments, as well as in the catering industry.  A very popular liner at fantastic value for money.

Features & Benefits

*Medium / Heavy Duty

*22 x 33 x 47 inches, 200 gauge

*100 sacks per box

*Weight limit 15kg

*CHSA accredited