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Katrin ZigZag Hand Towels 35311 (3,150)

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Katrin ZigZag Hand Towels 35311 (3,150) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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The Katrin ZigZag Hand Towel system offers a luxury touch-free dispensing to prevent cross-contamination. This self-presenting system controls towel consumption by dispensing one towel at a time which therefore makes it very hygienic and cost effective. Katrin ZigZag has smart packaging with ergonomic grip makes it easy to carry. The individually wrapped 21 sleeves makes distribution and also storage easy. The luxury towels are made from high quality, 2 ply interleaved tissue offering the user high capacity absorption for complete satisfaction. Suitable for medium to high traffic areas such as busy public toilets and washrooms in places like cafes, bars, schools, pubs and restaurants.

Features & benefits

*Cost effective

*Certified under the Nordic Swan and also EU Eco Label

*High strength for effective hand drying

*Approved for direct contact with food

*3,150 towels per case

*2 ply, white