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Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth (280 Sheets)

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Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth (280 Sheets) can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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The Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth is a perfect alternative to rags or rental cloths. Its softness and flexibility allows tight spaces and intricate components to be cleaned without scratching the surface. Yet it is also tough enough to mop up oil, grease and dirt, while usable with most solvents. This product comes in a protective portable Handy-Box, which makes the cleaning cloth easily available when needed.

Features & Benefits

*exelCLEAN® technology – for a quicker professional cleaning result

*Strong texture for excellent oil and water absorption

*Tork Easy Handling™ for easier carrying, opening and disposing of packaging

*The silicone-free cloth ensures that there are no residues on a surface

*280 sheets per box