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UB70 Super Concentrated Air Conditioner 2 Litres

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UB70 Super Concentrated Air Conditioner 2 Litres can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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UB70 is a Super Concentrated Air Conditioner, for use after dilution through the Ultra Dose system. A powerful, universally acceptable, oriental spice perfume in a slow release water-soluble carrier for long-lasting results. Used diluted through a trigger spray, UB70 enhances the environment in any establishment when sprayed onto entrance matting or into the corners of rooms. Ideal for hotels, conference rooms, schools as well as all other public buildings. 
Dispense 2, 10cc pumps into the required container before adding cold water. Spray onto the desired surface for immediate results.
Features & Benefits
*Freshens and also conditions the air
*Long lasting lemon fragrance
*Economical in use
*TRECOS Accredited