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Vanquish Oven Cleaner 1 Litre

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A powerful heavy duty, clear liquid gel which penetrates, emulsifies and also dissolves severe soiling. Vanquish is based on 20% Sodium Hydroxide and is designed for the rapid removal of charred food debris, dried bloods, fats and grease from a range of surfaces, including; ovens, deep fat fryers, extraction hoods and filters, grills, skillets and waffle bakers. Essential for use in kitchens as well as food plants to clean heavily soiled equipment. 
Always wear rubber gloves and safety glasses during use. Ensure the oven is turned off and below 40 degrees.
Apply a thick but even layer to the surface using a brush, cloth or sponge. Allow 5-30 minutes contact time, then agitate using an abrasive cloth before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.
Features & Benefits
*Powerful – removes severe grease, grime and carbon
*Active gel – clings to surfaces for maximum action
*Solvent free
*Also available in 5 litres