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Vileda UltraSpeed Mop Kit Complete

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Vileda UltraSpeed Mop Kit Complete can be purchased in large quantities. Contact us for pricing.

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UltraSpeed is the complete wet flat mopping system that combines intensive microfibre cleaning with a revolutionary high performance press.

UltraSpeed is an easy to use, modular floor cleaning system. With the innovative press you’re able to wring easily in order to achieve better cleaning results. Cleaned floors are getting dry faster, which means they can be back in use after a short time.

The systems features enable benefits of low cost, light weight materials, fast as well as effective press, durability and several mops for different applications.

It is capable of covering 750m² per hour, with twice as fast wringing, releasing up to 50% more water. The VILEDA ULTRASPEED PRO is hygienic, easy-to-use, lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce bending down. Its microfibre mops are more effective at cleaning and also reduce floor drying time.

The kit includes:

*UltraSpeed Pro Single Bucket

*Mop Handle

*UltraSpeed Pro Frame

*MicroLite Mop