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Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks CX25/M085 H/Duty (Box 100)


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Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks are used for the safe disposal of infectious waste containing chemicals as well as pharmaceutical medicines. Printed black on yellow, they are bright and clearly labelled to prevent mixing and are also easily recognisable when handling waste.  Our range of clinical waste sacks are produced using co-extrusion technology and are printed according to all UN requirements.  Ideal for environments such as medical, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical and local authorities.  

Features & Benefits

*Heavy Duty

*For incineration only

*Star-sealed for extra strength.

*15 x 28 x 39 inches

*90 litres / 10kg UN approved weight

*25 bags per roll / 4 rolls per case

Also available in Orange, please contact the office for more information.